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Aerospace, Military, Medical and Industrial Coil Windings

Medical Coils

Fine Wire Coils, 32 to 58 AWG, Body Implantable, navigation coils, CT, MRI and PET Scans, Sensors, surgical coils, ferrite wraps Gold, platinum and copper wire, lead wire assemblies, 36-58 gage, flex circuit coil assemblies medical grade encapsulations not limited by shape or size.  Small lot production for initial CE and FDA approvals,. Class 8 Clean Room
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Navigation Coils

Building Custom Navigation Coils for today's medical device needs, GPS Tracking Electromagnetic Sensors and Implantable Magnetics

3 Week Turnaround On Custom Samples
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Aerospace/Military Coils

#4 to 58 gage Aerospace Coils, ITAR registered, Military Coils, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Navigation Systems, Flight controls, Munitions, Sensors, Night vision, Space Tactical Guidance Systems NASA soldering Certification 8739.3, coil to flex circuit assemblies, 36-58 gage coil to lead wire wires, over molding, value added assemblies, Bobbin wound and free standing, Air coils copper, gold, silver and platinum windings, Litz wire
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Industrial Coils

UL B-H listed Systems electromagnetic coils for use in industrial application, solenoids, contactor coils, leaded wire coils, refrigeration coils, braking coils, sensors, laminated coils, explosion proof coils, flow valve coils, mini valve coils, mining coils and paper section coils for the Nuclear Industry over molding, injection, transfer and liquid molding, potting, vacuum impregnate and encapsulate coils. Litz wire coils Medium to low volume production runs, fast turn around for prototype coils.
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Value Added Assemblies

Value-added assembly work

Wire harness, connectors, terminals, pins, stripped and tinned lead wires, over molding and liquid epoxy of electronic circuit board assemblies.
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