About Us ///

About Us ///

Classic Coil Company was founded in 1973 and has grown and expanded to meet the needs of its clients, while always maintaining its original excellence. Over the decades, our business leaders have followed a philosophy of continuous improvement, ensuring manufacturing efficiencies to keep costs down and negotiated supply contract terms to benefit our customers. We remain innovative, incorporating new technologies, upgrading equipment and software, and exploring new products and markets. We believe in tapping into the long-term knowledge of our employees, many of whom have been with the company since its inception. Our capabilities and philosophy give us an edge in today’s very competitive marketplace, an edge that can assist you with all of your electromagnetic coil and assembly needs.

Classic Coil is happy to offer engineering assistance as a service to our clients. Our engineering staff stands ready to work with you through each step of the process to optimize your coil design for functionality and low cost. It all starts with understanding your product’s environment through to first production runs. We follow Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) guidelines for product development.

Classic Coil supports the aerospace, military, medical and industrial solenoid markets with 50 years of experience in the coil winding business.

Located in our 26,000-square foot facility in Bristol, Connecticut, we are winding wire sizes from #2 to #58 gauge in copper, gold, silver and platinum with precision tolerances meeting today’s exacting coil dimensional tolerances. Whether it is a bobbin wound coil that is encapsulated, or a fine-wire, bobbin-less coil for implantation into a human body or used by our country’s military for national defense, our products are not limited by shape or size.

Innovation is our focus and assisting customers to bring a design from idea to end product is our goal.

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Nancy Matute – Director of Operations

Email: NMatute@classic-coil.com

Phone at (860) 583-7600 ext. 230

Errol VanLange – Manufacturing Engineer

Email:  EVanLange@classic-coil.com

Phone: (860) 583-7600 ext. 330

Heather Bauer – Controller/AP & AR

Email:  HBauer@classic-coil.com

Phone: (860) 583-7600 ext. 120

Kurt Dube – Quality Assurance Manager

Email:  KDube@classic-coil.com

Phone: (860) 583-7600 ext. 420

Jeffrey Haversat – Business Development Manager

Email:  JHaversat@classic-coil.com

Phone: (860) 583-7600 ext. 130

Nancy LaPorta – Human Resources

Email:  NLaporta@classic-coil.com

Phone: (860) 583-7600 ext. 140