Capabilities /// Overview

Overview ///

Customer Service

  • Quick turnaround on samples
  • Order release from customer’s MRP, website, Kanban card, E-mail
  • Inventory stocking on joint Kanban programs
  • Raw component inventory stocking program

Design Review

  • Computer Aided Coil Sizing
  • Trade off analysis on various design options
  • Quick turnaround prototypes
  • On going cost reductions-continuous improvement program

Manufacturing Service

Award Winning Quality – ISO 9001-2015,  NASA 8739.3, MIL-STD-2000   

  • UL CLASS B TO H – (SEE Engineer Assistance)
  • Dock-to-Stock arrangements
  • KANBAN inventory control
  • Component stocking programs

Precision Winding Facilities

  • Microscope winding
  • Powder coating
  • Semi Clean Room Environment

Cellular Manufacturing
Including cells for similar operations, one customer cell, one product cells, low volume aerospace cell.


Winding/Lead Equipment 

  • Multi-spindle computer controlled coil winders
  • Single spindle programmable winders
  • Automatic lead processing equipment


  • 80 ton, Closed loop programmable Shuttle Injection press
  • 75 Ton CNC Shuttle Injection press
  • Thermoset Transfer Presses 10 ton
  • Horizontal 28T, Injection Bobbin Press
  • 30 Ton shuttle press
  • 30 Ton, Thermoset, transfer molding press
  • 75 Ton Thermoset injection press
  • 50 Ton Thermoset transfer molding press
  • 140 Ton Thermoset transfer molding press

Epoxy and Varnish Equipment

  • Vacuum Impregnation, 27-29″ of Hg, parts up to 10″x14″
  • Programmable two part Epoxy Mixer
  • Curing Ovens