Applications ///

Applications ///

Industrial Coils

Over a decade of experience in thermoplastic and thermoset molding from bobbins to total encapsulation. Materials include nylon, polypropylene, polyester, PBT and custom formulated molding compounds. Industries served include: Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Nuclear, Marine and Communications.... Learn More

Medical Coils

Medical Precision Winding can supply product down to 58 gage (.004”) for use in medical navigation coils, CT, PET and MRI scans. We also supply surgical coils, heater coils, catheter deployed coils and medical antennas that are used for transmission of data and battery charging.... Learn More

Aerospace & Military Coils

Experts in fine wire (to 58 gauge) precision windings for complex Aerospace, Military and Industrial Coil applications. Manufacturer of aerospace, industrial, military, nuclear, medical, marine, motor stators and communications industries.... Learn More