Applications /// Industrial Coils

Industrial Coils ///

Over a decade of experience in thermoplastic and thermoset molding from bobbins to total encapsulation. Materials include nylon, polypropylene, polyester, PBT and custom formulated molding compounds. Industries served include: Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Nuclear, Marine and Communications.


Coils surpass the rigid standards of the nuclear and military industries in the United States, Europe and Japan.

  • Engineering assistance for application requirements
  • Will help design latest in pin or insulation displacement terminal technology
  • Environmentally friendly bobbin molding and overmolding with inserts using latest Dupont® technology
  • Automated coil manufacturing equipment but also produce handcrafted units
  • SPC collection, charts shared with customers
  • Computerized coil winding, ultra fine wire
  • Cellular manufacturing with quick lead times & Kanban pull systems
  • Facilities are available for R&D, prototyping
  • Nuclear industry high temperature paper section coils
  • Open pot molds, vacuum impregnation, Thermoset materials
  • Class A to N, UL yellow card recognition, NASA NHB 5300.3 (3A-1) and Mil STD-2000
  • All testing monitoring equipment ISO 9001-2015 compliant
  • Wire sizes AWG6-50
  • Internet site for Electronic Data Transfer of production data

Each application requires unique expertise. Military guidance system and sensors are wound with fine wire (thinner than 38 AWG), often under a microscope. Fluid control coils are usually over-molded while cellular manufacturing and design for automation are important cost containment procedures. Switchgear, clutches, and large electromechanical brakes require a robust design capable of dealing with adverse environments, and part feeding and motor control coils must withstand a constantly vibrating operation.

  • Military Guidance Systems
  • Industrial & Aerospace Fluid Control Valves
  • Aerospace Positioning Sensors
  • Oxygen Monitoring Systems
  • ISA Bus Control Valves
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Naval & Industrial Switchgear
  • Industrial Clutch & Brakes
  • Nuclear Fluid Control
  • Relay & Motor Controls
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Instruments – Fluid Measurement & Analog
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Part Feeding/Automation Equipment
  • Medical Devices – Monitoring & Surgical
  • Electro-Magnetic Security Systems
  • Vehicle Wash Systems
  • HVAC Stator Encapsulation
  • Railroad Signaling & Control
  • Fine Wire Coils
    Wound with 38-58AWG magnet wire, Usually a miniature coil with ID smaller than .070″ or winding requirement involve more than one type of wire wound in a complex manner. View Details
  • Encapsulated Coils
    Thermoplastic or thermoset materials are used to provide an external seal and insulation from the environment unintended electrical conductors. Used in automotive, fluid control, aerospace, naval, fuel cells, heavy machinery, and railroads. View Details
  • Tape Wrapped Coils
    “Dry” coils are not encapsulated, and may be vacuum impregnated with varnish. This technology is used in guidance, proximity sensor, medical, optical, and relay technology. View Details
  • Liquid Epoxy Coils
    Used in lower volume applications requiring over molding. The vacuum impregnating process is specified in switchgear, clutch and brake coil, and motor control coils. View Details
  • Paper Section Coils
    An older technology where power spikes are normal or for high voltage applications. Mica paper insulates each layer of copper wire. Used for ignition coils, nuclear power plants, and solenoids in mining or rolling mills. View Details
  • Part Feeding Coils
    Electromagnets with coil and laminations, this coil is vacuum impregnated with epoxy and is available in standard sizes and with custom mounts. View Details
  • Value Added Assemblies
    Procedures added to the coil to reduce customer’s material handing and improve material presentation. View Details
Encapsulations Include
  • Injection, Transfer, Liquid Moldings, and Varnish Impregnations.
  • Paper Section Coils are a Specialty.
Quality & Performance
  • Customer awards for quality and on-time delivery
  • Fast turn-around and flexible production schedules
  • Quick response time from initial quote through delivery
  • Dedicated team, with expertise in specialty needs
  • Certified Kanban supplier
  • Certified JIT vendor to Fortune 500 companies