Industrial Coils /// Encapsulated Coils

Encapsulated Coils ///

Coils are encapsulated to assist in:

  • Protection against environment, moisture, and external fluids
  • Protection against material handling errors- damage magnet wire
  • Providing a mating connector
  • General aesthetics

Classic Coil will assist in the overmold decisions that match your product’s operating environment and UL requirements.

Coils can be encapsulated with:

  • Engineered Thermoplastic Material
  • Thermoset Epoxy material
  • Liquid Epoxy

Engineered Thermoplastic; 

  • Manufacturers (DuPont, Phillips) offer large database of material compatibility
  • Rynite, Ryton, Zenite, specialized moisture resistant Polypropylene
  • Higher tooling compared to thermoset mold but lower labor cost per coil

Thermoset Epoxy Material:

  • A more gentle process for fine wire coils
    (>38 AWG)

    • Injection pressure is approximate 400 PSI compared to maybe 3000 PSI for thermoplastic
    • Molding temperatures for thermoset maybe 300 F compared to 550F on thermoplastic
  • Lower tooling but higher labor cost
  • 3-4 times higher heat shedding rate than most thermoplastics

Classic Coil Company Inc. is a leading USA manufacturer of Encapsulated Electro-magnetic Coils

  • Encapsulated coils are used in a wide variety of applications; Industrial, Nuclear, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Agriculture
  • Classic Coil company utilizes its in-house molding capabilities to provide all encapsulation for the electro-magnetic coils it manufacturers in the 26,000 square foot Bristol CT location