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Tape Wrapped Coils ///

Self Supporting or Bobbin Wound Dry Coils:

  • Usually used in low volume where a stock bobbin is not available
  • Wound on a mandrel
  • No available room for a bobbin
  • Depending upon configuration, wire size and number of turns, the coil may require “bondable” magnet wire – the layers of wire are bonded together by heat, chemical or electrical bonding
  • Could be used in very high volume- over 300,000 /yr where specialized winding and material handling would assist in automation

Bobbin and/or Tube Wound Coils:

  • Higher insulation value from magnetic frame-core
  • Lower material handling risk-damage to magnet wire
  • Better platform for providing  varistors, diodes and strain relief between the magnet wire and lead wire

Coils Vacuum Impregnated with Varnish:

  • Proven method for moisture resistance  and reducing vibration impact
  • Varnish is pulled in to the center of the coil at –27”–29” Hg